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Forum » Introduction » Questions » FAQ-s (Frequently Asked Questions)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is this site?
- This is MUGEN-Up a free community created for the single purpose of giving people the download links to some of the best MUGEN games out there.

Q: Where can I find the download links?
- You can find the download links in the "Full Games" selection or in our site in Facebook:

Q: I downloaded the game, but I get an error when I try to extract.
- The files were probably damaged during download, so re-downloading will fix the problem.

 Q: How can I download from Jeuxmangas?
- Jeuxmangas offers it's own download server. All you need to do is put the download code in the Code JM box and click on OK. Then select the download link. 

Q: How can I download from 4Shared? I don't know where to click.
- You need to register to download from 4Shared. Then just click on 'download'.

Q: Can you upload this game "game's name" to Mediafire(or another site)?
- No, I cant. I have a very slow net connection(slow uploading speed).

Q: My anti-virus says your NS: Ninja Generations MUGEN is infected.
- That's not true. The file is a Molebox packed Exe and your anti-virus(probably AVG) marks it as an unknown file and not as a virus.

Q: Did you make all this games?
- No I didn't. I'm the creator of only some MUGEN games:

Q: Do you make the characters and stages?
- No I don't. I'm not a character coder and neither a spriter. I download characters, edit some of them and put them in my own made or edited screenpack.

Q: How to go full screen?
- Alt+Enter

Q: What's the difference between all your Naruto MUGEN games?
- Well.. All my MUGEN games have something special about them. Some contain characters that others don't. Some have a special intro, bonus stage, edited characters or other things.

Q: What are the keys in your MUGEN games?
- A,S,D,W for movements and J,K,L,U,I,O for action keys.

Q: Where can I find the movelist?
- The characters in my games are made by different people, so they have different keys for performing jutsus. If you want any movelist, just check inside each of the character's folders. You might find movelists in some of them.

Q: How can I perform this "jutsu name"?
- I don't remember all the jutsus keys, so just select the character and try to discover it by yourself.

Possible jutsu keys:
- Double Action Keys
- Down + Action Key [Or Double Action Keys]
- Down-Forward + Action Key [Or Double Action Keys]
- Down-Backward + Action Key [Or Double Action Keys]

Q: How can I play vs against computer?
- Go to versus mode and select both players. When the match starts press Ctrl+2.

Q: Why some of the characters are bad?
- Because there are not better characters available. If coders would code a better character I would put it in the MUGEN game immediately.

Q: Where can I find characters for my MUGEN?
- As far as I know is the best site for MUGEN characters.

Q: I hate chibi!
- Yeah I know some of you guys hate chibi characters, but not many Naruto non-chibi characters were made for MUGEN.

Q: Your game sucks.
- That's not a question at all. That's just a personal opinion that I wouldn't consider. If you want to be useful, give reasons why my game is bad and what can I do to improve it.

Any other question? Feel free to ask.

When a Ninja falls, another one rises!

Forum » Introduction » Questions » FAQ-s (Frequently Asked Questions)
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