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Welcome to MUGEN - Up, a community created with the single purpose of giving people the download links to some of the best MUGEN games out there.

M.U.G.E.N is a freeware 2D fighting engine created by Elecbyte. Almost everything can be edited allowing us to create fully-fledged fighting games. Do you like fighting games? Then this is the place for you!

To download the latest MUGEN games follow us on our blog:

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Wow you've carried out it once more. Some fantastic details here. You've made me break my comment embargo, cheers :)

Dont worry,i made my own video of your mugen and i found out why,its because of the music i put in (lol).thanks for your reply and keep making your awsome mugens!

Hello ZerX,i would like to inform u that i used one of your videos to show people the game "naruto generation mugen".i wanted to spread your mugen more in a process showing it in a couple of fights.I was then copyrighted by "sony".i didnt do anything but just show the video,i wasnt copyrighted on any other video than this and ur the owner of the mugen.i would like permission to keep using ur mugens to spread ur name and make u get some notice.plz reply,and thnx. from ur fan,rexaka11

There's nothing wrong with you uploading videos of my MUGEN games, but note that this videos must be your own made and not downloaded and re-uploaded to your account. So if you are the one to record the video, then go on... keep up the good work, but if you re-uploaded one of the videos I made, please delete it.

Hi ZerX, nice to meet you

Hello back! biggrin


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